4 Fabulous Shopaholics

“Shopping is like a drug. The more you have the more you want.”

Although shopaholism is generally associated with women, a study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry found that 6% of women and 5.8% of men display shopaholism, a difference that isn’t statistically significant. “One would conclude that there is no gender difference according to the study,” said Faber, a communications professor at University of Minnesota, in an email. “In my opinion the issue of any gender difference in prevalence is still an open question.”

Our top 4 shopaholic celebrities seem to all be women though. Read on and make up your own mind!

britney4)Britney Spears
The pop princess infamously declared, “I can be in the dump of dumpsters and go buy a pair of new shoes, and then it’s okay.” Although we can’t agree that money can buy happiness, it can certainly provide distraction and comfort to some degree. After her parents split, she bought a $20,000 bed and $4.5million estate for her mother. Spears prefers to get her fix of designer apparel online and we don’t really blame her when hordes of paparazzi stalk her in real life, recently even making a big deal out of her grocery shopping list.


Given Rihanna’s “Fashion Icon” status, it’s no surprise that the stylish star is a lover of shopping. She has been known to drop $20k on a single shopping trip, Rihanna is most definitely not a designer snob — she recently revealed to Vogue that she likes to shop fake jewelry from Claire’s, or her mother’s ‘FAB-U-LUS’ boutique in Barbados.






2)Victoria Beckham

Even when the loyal Birkin fan already has a Birkin collection worth about $2 million, Posh Spice still needs more. On a trip to Milan, besides shoes, dresses, luggage and 12 pairs of sunglasses, she also bought five sofas, perhaps to fill up some space in her 22 acres home!







1)Kim Kardashiankim
The star of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’  is possibly the most well known shopaholic out there! Documented incidents such as Kanye West helping her clean out her entire closet and then getting it all replaced with even more designer wares (thanks to her man) — if that isn’t a sign of being a shopaholic, then we don’t know what is!

The socialite and her mother were also spotted in Paris together, shopping in the exclusive Hermes boutique. Together, they hauled a total of 7 bags, with 6 bags being the widely-coveted status symbol Birkin. The last bag was a rare crocodile skin purse which was priced at a cool $30,000. If you remain unimpressed, wait till you hear about Victoria Beckham’s collection.



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