SuperSpace – Play Away!

5 D Motion Ride : It’s the real deal.

Come one, come all! Visit us to experience our star attraction and pick from our choice of 6 adventures – Rollercoaster, Great Wall of China, Canyon Twister, Haunted Mine Ride. Ravine Racer and Bloody Road.

The fun doesn’t stop here. We have action packed arcade games such as rail shooting which is really hard to resist (even for adults)!

We haven’t forgotten the little ones! Alongwith some fun redemption games, that let you play to win a prize, we also have a Carousel and Pirate Ship. You can also enjoy the Food Court if you exit from the upper floor of Super Space for a really fun family day out! Reasonably priced so that everyone can have a good time. Always expect more fun from Fortress Square!


Super Space timings are the same as Fortress Square – Mon to Sun (12:00 to 23:00)


Dolby Atmos – Taking cinema sound to a whole new level!

Dolby Atmos:

Don’t say anything. Just watch and listen!

Two things that come out of this clip and other material from experienced users:

  1. It’s nothing like anything ever before.
  2. The possibilities are endless as film production teams experiment with Dolby Atmos to create real environments.

Here’s something a sound junkie had to say as he heard an audio only clip in a preview for Dolby Atmos:

“The thunderstorm sounded great. There was a lot of detail, and gave a great sensation through the overhead channels. It truly felt like rain was hitting the roof; which is silly when you consider the fact that we were in a carefully designed, acoustically isolated, theater”

“…The transition truly was in the rear, well behind me, and incredibly smooth. It left me very impressed… At this point, I was more concerned with the system’s use in relation to the scene in the next examples. It’s highly probable it was still there, merely less present”

Dolby has announced last month that it will be making this immersive sound technology available to the consumer. More on this, here. Till then there’s Cinepax – the only cinema in Pakistan with Dolby Atmos Sound capability.

IMG_3668 copy

FIFA World Cup Screening – Live at Cinepax

14th July

12 am midnight to 2 am

Have you got the Golden Ticket
To kick off the FIFA World Cup we ran a competition on Facebook, with 6 questions to win 6 Golden Tickets to view the final at the Cinepax – invite only screening – equipped with Dolby Atmos – a surround sound technology  that is truly a sensory experience!

The response was exciting and enthusiastic with over 2000 responses in 2 weeks! Cinepax decided to screen the match on 2 out of three screens to cater to the football fanatics that came from all over Lahore with friends and family.

What a night!

IMG_3668 copy

With flags of Argentina and Germany lining the corridors, our Golden ticket winners along with celebrities and major brand managers were ushered in to enjoy and celebrate the highs and lows of the thrilling 2 hours with us!

IMG_3697 copy

Thank you all for coming!

IMG_3684 copy